bowl of healthy food with rice, eggs, and vegetables

Cycle Syncing Meal Plan | 14 Follicular Phase Dinners

Have you just embarked on your cycle syncing journey, but find yourself feeling overwhelmed when it comes to making your meal plan? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with my cycle syncing meal plan that is easy and delicious! In this post, we’re going to explore 14 follicular phase dinner recipes that are tailored to…

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pint of pumpkin pie ice cream with graham crackers on top

Healthy Ninja CREAMi Recipes | Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Enjoy creamy, delicious pumpkin pie flavors with 32 grams of protein and without the calories! My pumpkin pie ice cream is high in protein and doesn’t contain any refined sugar, making it a healthy Ninja CREAMi recipe. Satisfy your sweet tooth this fall without going back on your health goals. I don’t know about you…

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